To Be or To Do?

What is my purpose?
What I’m here to do?
To be or to do? Which way will I go?

I have a clear answer.
How about you?


Ego Is The Enemy

I need to tame this.


Job Interview

I received a call from a random person, and he introduced himself as a recruiter of one reputable company (here in Qatar). He asked some basic questions which I was enjoying to give him generic answers.

Before he ends, I can sense some kind of hesitation from his side. He asked me, “I saw in your LinkedIn profile that one of your interests is Zero Trust Security. Can you explain to me what that is?”

Witty me, responded, “Why? Why will I answer that question? I don’t know you, I don’t also know if I give you any answers, you will be able to assess if my answer is correct or wrong.”

The recruiter was devastated – I’m sure I hurt his feeling. We were in silence, like more than 5 seconds. Finally, I told him, “…that my friend is zero trust security – I just answered your question”.

We ended up the call/interview, I’m sure I lost again another opportunity – which is good.

Finding your next job is not easy 🙂 It is like looking for your future wife. Eliminate them as quickly and much as you can and pursue only a company that you can genuinely love. Ehem!

P.S. Please call me for an interview. I need a job. I’m kinder than you think.