Pacman’s perfect revenge to Morales; Who’s next? I guess Barrera for a Championship!

Posted on Sun, 01/22/2006 - 17:42

This morning’s fight (Doha Time) was an incredible show of force of Pacquiao. His right-hand jabs improved a lot; with the left and right combinations of electrifying speed and power; Manny is an incredible boxer. Today Manny shows that he is stronger, smarter, and more focused compare to his last controversial defeats against Eric Morales.

In the first five rounds, Pacquiao tried to find some range and pace himself for some sustained and calculated attacks. Starting in the 6th rounds onwards, Pacman sensed Morales was already weary. That was the round when he punished El Terible with a flurry of right and left hooks. In the ninth round, Morales looked exhausted; I knew, it’s a matter of time and right combinations for Pacquiao to end this fight in a knockout.

Indeed, the end of Morales came at 2:33 of the 10th round. Soon after Morales got up in time from the first knockdown of the round, Pacquiao moved in for the kill. Launching combinations of lefts and rights to the body and finally the left hook to the head near the ear to send the Mexican back to the floor. The referee immediately stopped the fight as I can see the face and eyes of Morales really in pain.

I read from some reports that this is Eric’s first knockout of his boxing career, and even hist first “true” knockdown! The first knockdown recorded according to some reports was not a “real” knockdown. 

So what’s next for Pacquiao? Pacquiao openly agreed for the third match even before the fight, and I read that it was part of the agreement that Pacquiao signed. But I also learned that Morales is not keen on fighting Pacquiao again, reports said that Morales wants some vacation and long rest after losing three times in the last four fights.

Now, that Pacquiao is the number one contender in World Boxing Council (WBC) super featherweight; the best move I guess is to challenge now that reigning Champion Marco Antonio Barrera - which Pacquiao already beat in their last fight.

Great job, Manny, we are so proud of you!