New Website

Finally, after some limited time of checking and thinking what to do, I decided to rebuild this website and use Drupal this time instead of my favorite Xaraya.

What happened to my site?

I don’t know to be honest. It just stops working. Some internal error happened and it just hangs there.

Thanks F1 is over!

Finally, its a big relief for me that my addiction to F1 is now over!
Now that Schumi finishes his F1 career, I found a genuine and empowering reason to stop this craziness of making F1 as part of my life.

Thanks Michael.


After days of rumors, finally Google has agreed to purchase online video phenomenon YouTube for $1.65 billion in all-stock deal in order to make the transaction tax-free for the YouTube shareholders.

Me and my wife last night thinking how cool if we can think and start an idea with this worth, hahaha! Well, I slept last night hoping I can dream one, hehehe.

So what will happen now? And what this deal means to them and of course to us users?

Bump Keys: How to unlock all locks

Do you think when you locked your doors and gates you are safe?

Watching this and reading this, makes me think of changing some important locks like our main door into electronic one. But still given enough time and resources electronic locks are also hackable.

Team Pilipinas Basketball here in Qatar

Even the SMC-Team Pilipinas is uncertain if they can compete with the upcoming 15th Asian Games here in Qatar, National coach Chot Reyes and his charges arrived here yesterday morning to join the Al-Em Emadi International Basketball Tournament here in Doha, Qatar along with the national t

Google Talk now includes Voicemail, File Transfer and Music Status

Google Talk is just getting better and better. The latest update includes Voicemail, File Transfer and Music Status.

Its not yet released in the mainstream, but you can go ahead and start using it by downloading and installing from this source.

Free SMS to Philippines Using Google Talk or Gmail Chat

You can always do this using Chikka, and now with the convenience of your Google Talk or Gmail Chat, you can now send SMS to Globe/Smart/Sun mobile phones in the Philippines.

To send to a mobile phone, simply add a new contact on your Google Talk client or Gmail Chat, using the format

I just tried it and it works both in Google Talk client and in Gmail Chat.


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