Norton Antivirus Expired? Free alternative and more tips to secured your PC

Posted on Tue, 01/10/2006 - 17:33

I'm sure many of you using an expired version of Norton Antivirus (as most new PCs bundled with a free trial of this) and either you simply continue using it or uninstall it. In either case, you made your computer virtually unprotected. I don't want to stress out here more how vulnerable your PC once you are online without proper protection; seconds that you are online even without surfing any sites or opening any emails, virus, and worms will automatically enter your PC, no doubt about it.

And your Norton Antivirus already expired! How can you protect now your computer?

Last week, I posted about ClamWin. I tested it for a week now, and it is working great. Instead of running an expired version of Norton Antivirus, you can make a big favor to yourself of uninstalling it entirely and installing ClamWin instead. You got a free antivirus for life!

Additionally, I highly recommend also installing Kerio as your additional firewall protection. Similarly, with ClamWin, I installed it a week ago; and both are working great. Very low in memory footprints and not using much of my processor cycles.

We got now antivirus and firewall; to complete the protection, let's not forget anti-spyware. And the best free anti-spyware I ever used is this one from Microsoft. Make sure to download and install this one as well.

And of course, the basics in using Windows: Make sure you are running the latest Service Packs (SP2 for XP, and SP4 in 2000) and all the latest patches from Windows Update. Make sure you are always updated.

To sum it up, if you are using Windows, to protect your online computing, you need the following:

1. ClamWin for Antivirus

2. Kerio for Firewall

3. MS AntiSpyware for Anti-spyware

4. Windows Update for latest Service Packs and Patches

Happy and safe computing everyone!